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As of April 29, 2016

Butcher cows traded fully $1-2 lower than last week. Top cows bring from $90-95. Bulls were also steady to last weeks trade with top bulls up to $124. Feeder cattle rebound from last Fridays sale and many classes brought up to $20cwt more. There was good local support for grasser types and replacement style hfrs. In some cases the hfrs actually brought more per pound than the steers did. Good 450-625 lb steers traded well over the $2 mark again and a package of fancy char hfrs also traded at $2 weighing 525 lbs. Heavy feeder cattle still fall well short of what the lighter feeders are bringing.

From Wednesdays sheep and goat sale we had good new crop lambs trade up to $250cwt. Ewes traded in the $72-85 range. Most good meat goats traded in the $2-225/lb range.



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